Sea-lion is committed to providing a full-process, one-stop overall solution for global industrial and commercial washing. Core disciplines offer solutions from individual stand-alone machines to fully integrated systems.


We provide solutions. We can help you determine strategies, measure operation capacity, rationally configure equipment, optimize workplace operation efficiency, provide information management solutions, simplify operation management, and support the digital evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to further improve business performance.

Hospitality Industry Solutions

Improve the cleanliness and service life of linen, reduce sewage discharge, save energy costs, annd improve hotel customer experience. Our complete solution will help you optimize production and factory oeprations, and produce more results with less resources.

Medical Industry Solutions

Your specialty is in the field of medical services, and our specialty is washing, disinfection, antibacterial and energy management. Learn how our two sides work together to help hospitals and healthcare washing facilities achieve safety and sustainability goals.

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To learn more about our individual machines and complete laundry system solutions browse through our website or launch a copy of our digital Product Catalog, then contact us to discuss how we can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your laundry operation.


Together, we create a clean world!