ZBQ Spreader Feeders

Sea-lion ZBQ spreader feeders make quick work of preparing linens to be properly positioned for the ironer or folder.  Models are available in three and four stations with manual mode for small or bulky items.  Strong vacuum airflow provide suction to hold the flatwork securely against the belts.  An intelligent overhead rail system option is available to further speed the process.

Spreader feeder

Available in 3 & 4 stations with Intelligent Rail loading option.

YZ Flatwork Ironers

Sea-lion YZ flatwork type ironers provide a crisp, superior finish to flatwork linens.  Ironers are built to tight tolerances to assure for precision performance thanks to laser cut, precision machined and robotic welded parts and assemblies.  Throughput speeds are fully programmable for optimal processing of different linen types.


Available in 2 through 5 roll configurations.

YZS Serpentine Flatwork Ironers

Sea-lion YZS serpentine flatwork chest type ironers add speed to the ironing process.  Driven by a combination of belts and chains, the drive system is robust and delivers accurate consistent speeds.  Spindle tape drive is used instead of canvas for smooth transfers.  A fully programmable control can be networked with a spreader feeder and folder for system integration.


Available in 4 and 6 roll configurations with speeds up to 60 meters per minute.

YZC Chest Ironers

Sea-lion YZC chest ironers feature high speed performance thanks to the precise structure of the double chest, springs and heat proof felt which ensures the rolls keep adequate elasticity and spring cushion for maximum surface contact with the chest.  Excellent for processing sheets, linens, quilt covers, duvets and other large items.

YZC - ironer

Available in 2 and 3 roll configurations with speeds up to 50 meters per minute.

ZD Flatwork Folders

Sea-lion ZD flatwork folders provide the final touch to the flatwork process.  Fully automatic and networked with the spreader feeder or ironer it delivers a fine end product.  An intelligent control system features multiple programs for different types of folding requirements.  Folds are made by both knife and air with a positive-reverse control.  V-DF models feature an integrated stacker for transfer of goods to the packaging station.


Single and four lane folder with independent stacker.

Four lane folder with integrated stacker.

ZDHK Blanket Folder

Sea-lion ZDHK automatic blanket folder is an entry level folding machine.  Fitted with wide belts and optical sensors, it automatically detects the size of the blanket and adjusts folding accordingly.  Simple and reliable, it makes quick work of blankets and similar garments to ensure high quality initial folding and execution of the subsequent cross folds.


ZDMJ Towel Folder

Sea-lion ZDMJ automatic towel folder features an intelligent control system to process a variety of goods.  Its sensors automatically detect the size of the towel and adjust the width accordingly.  The innovative machine design will adjust its template to suit the thickness and weight of the towel to ensure high quality initial folding and execution of the subsequent cross folds.


Folds up to 1,200 pieces per hour.

ZDGY Uniform Folder

Sea-lion ZDGY uniform folder features sensors and folding plates that accurately and precisely fold uniforms to exacting specifications.  Intelligent multi-lingual touch screen control has a wide variety of programming options to meet the demands of custom folding requirements. Can be used as a stand alone, manual feed unit or part of an automated intelligent rail system.


Folds up to 900 garments per hour.

SDHG Tunnel Finishers

Sea-lion SDHG tunnel finishers feature up to four chambers and configurable conveyor rails.  The extended tunnel area with multiple steam injection points has superior steam heat transfer resulting in consistent quality allowing for high throughput.  Cabinets are fully insulated for excellent heat containment and maximum efficiency.  Models can process production rates of 600, 900 and 1,200 pieces per hour.