Efficient Washing

Sea-lion is well known for industrial and commercial washing. Equipment ranges from fully automated tunnel washing systems, to stand-alone washers and dryers, and barrier type washers for healthcare. Our machines are environmentally conscious with forward thinking technologies and people orientated features.

Laundry Dragon

Tunnel Washers

Sea-lion's "LAUNDRY DRAGON" is a smart and powerful tunnel washer system. Its design consists of the perfect, field proven combination of single drum and double drum technology. Modules are fitted with chemical ports and water and drain valves to create the right wash liquor ratio, as well as strong lifting ribs for excellent mechanical action and bottom transfer processing. A built-in water recovery system makes best use of water consumption. Loading is by weight sensing conveyor or overhead sling monorail. Extraction is available in either multi-stage hydraulic press with exclusive double rinse feature or centrifugal extractor. SCADA control platform provides for full wash system programming and complete system monitoring.

Sea-lion automated systems make good use of the Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) and robots to match machines to site requirements assuring the perfect utilization of resources. Systems deeply integrate big data and artificial intelligence to comply with the unprecedented trend of industrial evolution and innovation.

Industrial Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion XGQ-CF washer-extractors are rugged, reliable workhorses engineered to last. With a low total cost of ownership they produce superior wash results. The no nonsense, smart automation design saves time in loading and unloading process, while its open structure aids in access for maintenance and repairs. Available in stationary, 1-way unload tilting or 2-way load/unload tilting.


Models available in 225 & 450-pound capacities.

Commercial Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion XGQ-F stationary soft mount washer-extractors combine economy and performance into a reliable, field proven machine design.  Features like extra large door openings into baskets with smooth, dimpled perforations highlight the design quality and build craftsmanship put into these machines.

NEW Weigh Loading Washer-Extractor

Sea-lion's new XGQ-100MF stationary soft mount washer-extractor utilizes an advanced Siemens TOUCH controller equipped with a precise weighing system with minimal allowance of ±5% so that the weight of the linen being loaded into the machine can be seen in real time, avoiding washing problems caused by over or under loading.


Models are available in 55, 110, 175, 225, 285 & 350-pound capacities.

Download sell sheet to learn more about the XGQ-100MF.

Water Droplet Drum Design

Several models of Sea-lion XGQ washer-extractors are available with the patented "Water Droplet" drum design feature. This innovative perforation pattern better prevents snags and caking of goods during the extract step, while at the same time creating a super smooth washing surface that produces excellent mechanical action.


Option available on 55, 110, 175 & 225-pound capacity models.

Barrier Type Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion BW barrier type washer-extractors provide the necessary separation between soiled and clean sides of the laundry with a fully enclosed frame and protective seal. Linen to be washed is loaded on the soiled side and unloaded on the clean side once the wash is complete eliminating any chance for cross contamination. Available in open pocket and split pocket configuration.


Models available in 135 & 225-pound loading capacities.


Stand Alone Tumble Dryers

Sea-lion GZ stand alone tumble dryers are available with gas burner, steam or electric heating elements.  They are designed to have the perfect balance of CFM air flow and heat transfer for optimal drying.  Machines feature a stainless steel, dimpled perforated basket to eliminate snags.  Outer panels are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel finish.

Models available in 55, 110 & 225-pound loading capacities.

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